2016 Fall Term Brackenridge Fellows

Uma Balakrishnan
Beckman Scholar
Major: Bioengineering
Centrifugation-based Fabrication of Laminar High-density Tissue Aggregates
Faculty Mentor: Lance Davidson, Department of Bioengineering, Swanson School of Engineering

Adam Brynes
Major: Microbiology; Minor: Chemistry
Understanding Cellular Quality Control of Poorly Characterized Variants of the Human Cystic Fibrosis Protein
Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Brodsky, Department of Biological Sciences

Morgan Casal
Major: Pharmacy
Mitigating Asparaginase-Induced Liver Damage with L-Carnitine in a Murine Model of B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Faculty Mentor: Christian Fernandez, Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy

Joseph Chen
Major: Biological Sciences
Role of Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis Gene NFU1 in Mitochondrial Function and Pulmonary Hypertension
Faculty Mentor: Stephen Chan, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine

Kathleen Chen
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Chemistry
Analysis of the Retrogenesis Hypothesis of Aging Using High-Definition Fiber Tracking
Faculty Mentor: Walter Schneider, Psychology Department

Jenna Frawley
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: History of Art and Architecture
Eruption of Thera and Its Effects on the Minoan Civilization
Faculty Mentor: Anne Weis, History of Art and Architecture

Dheeraj Jalluri
Major: Neuroscience
Gender-Specific Effects of Statins on Dex-Regulated Genes
Faculty Mentor: Donald DeFranco, Pharmacology and Chemistry, School of Medicine

Alex Lederer
Majors: Molecular Biology, Computer Science
Investigating the Role of the S. cerevisiae Paf1 Complex in Genome-wide Transcription Regulation
Faculty Mentor: Karen Arndt, Department of Biological Sciences

David Leftwich
Major: Political Science, Psychology
Comparing Party Discontent in the United States and Europe
Faculty Mentor: Despina Alexiadrou, Department of Political Science

Qingchuan Lyu
Majors: Mathematics, Economics
Undergraduates in Textbook Markets: How Can Textbooks Match Students’ Preferences?
Faculty Mentor: Alistair Wilson, Jr., Department of Economics

Bryan McElroy
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: French
Evaluation of the Effects of Ketamine in Reducing Ethanol-Motivated and Depressive-like Bahaviors in Female Rats
Faculty Mentor: Mary Torregrossa, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine

Abhishek Mishra
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Chemistry
Immunostaining to Examine Microglial Activation in Brain Function Recovery After Ischemic Stroke
Faculty Mentor: Dandan Sun, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine

Janki Patel
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Chemistry
Role of Tumor Microenvironment Derived Factors in the Maintenance of Tumor Stem Cells in Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis
Faculty Mentor: Miguel Reyes-Mugica, Department of Pathology, School of Medicine

Apurva Patil
Major: Molecular Biology; Minors: Chemistry, Economics, Neuroscience
DACHS: An Unusual Myosin – Does Actin Inhibit Its Activity?
Faculty Mentor: Gerard Campbell, Department of Biological Sciences

Mallory Perillo
Majors: Mathematics, Economics; Minor: Africana Studies
The Impact of Post-Revolutionary US-Policy on Modern Race Relations in Cuba
Faculty Mentor: Michele-Reid Vazquez, Department of Africana Studies

Viktor Polites
Major: Chemistry
Environmentally Benign Approaches to Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Functionalization
Faculty Mentor: Paul Floreancig, Department of Chemistry

Alexander Richter
Major: Chemistry
Fiction For The Future: An Innovative Approach to Addressing the Health Disparity of American Blacks
Faculty Mentor: Christel Temple, Department of Africana Studies

Meital Rosenberg
Major: Economics
India’s Pursuit of Nationwide Electrification: Which Policies Work and the Empowerment of Women
Faculty Mentor: Fatma El-Hamidi, Department of Economics

Ahona Sarkar
Majors: History of Art and Architecture, Japanese
Medieval Monsters: Examining the Visual Development of Tengu
Faculty Mentor: Karen Gerhart, History of Art and Architecture

Mariam Shalaby
Major: Music; Minor: Chemistry
Quranic Recitation in Pittsburgh: Human Voice and Divine Words
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Weintraub, Department of Music

Jennifer Swanson
Majors: English Literature, Philosophy, History
Critical Race Theory is Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Whiting, Philosophy Department

Morgan Thompson
Majors: Molecular Biology, Economics; Minor: Chemistry
Effect of Information Treatment on Attitudes Toward the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
Faculty Mentor: Werner Troesken, Department of Economics

Asim Viqar
Major: Neuroscience; Minors: Chemistry, Spanish, Computer Science
Simulation of White Matter Hyperintensities
Faculty Mentor: Howard Aizenstein, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine