2016 Spring Term Brackenridge Fellows

Maysum Chaudhri

Majors: Neuroscience, Economics; Minor: Chemistry

Using IL-4 Treated Microglia Exosomes to Prevent and Repair Optic Nerve Damage

Faculty Mentor: Michael Steketee, Ophthalmology, School of Medicine


Ilana Curtis

Major: Architectural Studies; Minor: Studio Arts

Two Cities, Two Histories, One Connection: A Comparative Study of Gentrification in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh and Bywater, New Orleans

Faculty Mentor: Mrinalini Rajagopalan, History of Art and Architecture


Jillian Damus

Tina & David Bellet Brackenridge Research Fellow

Major: Accounting

Impact of Changes in Auditor Reporting

Faculty Mentor: Lauren Reid, Katz Graduate School of Business


Alexandra Delazio

Tina & David Bellet Brackenridge Research Fellow

Major: Bioengineering

Seeing the World Through the Palm of Your Hand: The Development of PalmSight

Faculty Mentor: George Stetten, Bioengineering, Swanson School of Engineering


Abigail Dillaha

Majors: Biological Sciences, Neuroscience

Parental Influence on Children’s Academic Success

Faculty Mentor: Melissa Libertus, Psychology


Thomas Elvins

Majors: Russian, Slavic Studies, German Language and Cultural Studies

The East Slavic Influence: The Transplantation of Dialectical East Slavic Features into the Zakonopravilo of Saint Sava

Faculty Mentor: Ljiljana Duraskovic, Slavic Languages and Literatures


John Faro

Majors: Biological Sciences, Neuroscience; Minor: Chemistry

Effects of Continuous Electroencephalography and Seizure Suppression on Neurologic Outcome in Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients

Faculty Mentor: Cameron Dezfulian, Critical Care Medicine, School of Medicine


Julie Hartz

Major: Chemical Engineering

The Ugly Side of Nano: Towards Understanding Nanotoxicity

Faculty Mentor: Goetz Veser, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, Swanson School of Engineering


Margaret Jia

Major: Neuroscience; Minor: French

Mapping Connections from the Interpositus to the Inferior Olive in Rats

Faculty Mentor: Patrick Card, Neuroscience


Cindy Jiao

Major: Chemistry; Minor: French

3D Analysis of Eye Vasculature

Faculty Mentor: Ian Sigal, Ophthalmology, School of Medicine


Joseph Kannarkat

Major: Neuroscience

Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs on Glutamatergic Signaling Networks in Cortical Layer

Faculty Mentor: Matthew MacDonald, Psychiatry, School of Medicine


Matthew Kenney

Major: Philosophy; Minor: German Studies

Esoteric Themes in the Platonic Dialogues

Faculty Mentor: Jaques Bromberg, Classics


Wyatt Koma

Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Chemistry

The Effects of Medicaid Enrollment Simplification Policies on Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care under US Health Reform

Faculty Mentor: Marian Jarlenski, Health Policy & Management, GSPH


Alexis McCathern

Majors: Neuroscience, Psychology

Further Investigation of the Mismatch Negativity Response to Missing Stimuli in Schizophrenia

Faculty Mentor: Dean Salisbury, Psychiatry, School of Medicine


Taylor Mulcahey

Major: Political Science; Minor: French

Women Bloggers in the Mahgreb Region

Faculty Mentor: Luke Peterson, History


Kathleen Mullins

Majors: English Writing; Minor: Music

Understanding Children’s Culture Through Non-Curricular Music

Faculty Mentor: Tyler Bickford, English


Roisin O’Dowd

Major: Molecular Biology; Minors: Chemistry, Linguistics

Defining the Role of Vinculin at Cardiomyocycle Cell-Cell Contacts

Faculty Mentor: Adam Kwiatkowski, Cell Biology, School of Medicine


Janki Patel

Major: Neuroscience

Molecular Targeting of Insulin-like Growth Factor-Receptor Signaling as a Therapeutic Strategy in Symptomatic NCM

Faculty Mentor: Miguel Reyes-Mugica, Pathology, School of Medicine


Shil Patel

Major: Neuroscience; Minors: Chemistry, Economics

The Effects of Mild Intermittent Hypoxemia on Oligodendrocyte Development and Myelination in Neonatal Mice

Faculty Mentor: Sharyl Fyffe-Maricich, Pediatrics & Neurology, School of Medicine


Jessica Pelland

Majors: Biological Sciences, Psychology; Minor: Chemistry

The Effect of MAO-Inhibition on Nicotine Self-Administration in Adolescent Rats

Faculty Mentor: Alan Sved, Neuroscience


Caitlin Riley

Tina & David Bellet Brackenridge Research Fellow

Majors: Russian, Economics

Income Inequality in the United States and China

Faculty Mentor: Daniel Berkowitz, Economics


Nicholas Suarez

Major: Physics

Space and Ethics in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Faculty Mentor: Ryan McDermott, English


Robert Tritschler

Major: Political Science; Minor: History

American Media and Candidate Perception: “Softest News” and its Influence on Political Behavior

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Lotz, Political Science


Jacob Wallace

Major: Biological Sciences

In-Vivo Effects on the Optic Nerve Head of Step Changes in Intraocular Pressure

Faculty Mentor: Ian Sigal, Ophthalmology, School of Medicine


Benjamin Zusman

Major: Biological Sciences; Minor: Chemistry

The Identification and Evaluation of Mixed Stasis Arguments in Biomedical Literature

Faculty Mentor: Gordon Mitchell, Communication