Academically Based Community Engagement: An Idea Exchange

Ward Allebach

Geology/Environmental Studies

Environmental Engagement: Building Better Communities


Joseph Ayoob

Computational and Systems Biology, School of Medicine

Tiered Mentoring and Training in Computational Biology Research


Lucas Berenbrok

School of Pharmacy

Silver Scripts: Student Pharmacists Engaging Elderly Patients in the Community


Betty Braxter

School of Nursing

A Mothers, Babies, and Families Community Clinical Initiative


Kathleen Buechel


The Student Philanthropy Project: Engaging Students in the Art and Science of Giving


Keith Caldwell

School of Social Work

Social Work Service Learning: Opportunities for cross-campus engagement and learning


Judy Cameron

Department of Psychiatry

The Pittsburgh Data Jam: Pitt Students Serve as Mentor Team to Introduce High School Students to Big Data


Judy Cameron

Department of Psychiatry

Working Together For Kids: A Community Solution


Sharon Connor

Pharmacy and Theraputics

Enhancing Health Care Access Through Service Learning


Sharon Connor

Pharmacy and Theraputics

The Grace Lamsam Pharmacy Program


Sabina Deitrick


Capstone Seminar -- Data Liberation Teams: Digitizing Governance in Homestead and West Homestead


Pouran Famili

Periodontics and Preventive Dentistry

Periodontal disease among community-dwelling diabetic adults


Michael Glass

Urban Studies Program

Understanding the 24-hour city: Advancing Citizenship & Engagement in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood


Marcela Gonzalez Rivas


The challenges and potential solutions for restoring the Bogota River in Rural Colombia


Deborah Good

Katz Graduate School of Business

From the Classroom to the City: PittBusiness Develops Strong Team Members


Michael Goodheart

Department of Political Science

Human Rights Cities / Pittsburgh Human Rights City Alliance


Anuparma Jain

Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies Program

Color Me Pgh: Local Communities and Cultural Geographies


Lauren Jonkman

School of Pharmacy

Pharmacist collaboration and partnership with the Salvation Army Harbor Light Center


Kaye Kramer

Epidemiology, Pitt Public Health

Andrea Kriska

Prevention/Lifestyle Intervention Student Service Learning Practicum in the Department of Epidemiology


Mark Kramer

Department of English

Neighborhoods in Transition: A Writing Immersion Project


Louis Luangkesorn

Industrial Engineering

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Tutoring and Mentoring Programs at Homewood Children's Village


Ron Magnuson

Graduate School of Business

BUSENV 0061 Managerial Ethics and Stakeholder Management (CPLE) and The Pittsburgh Business Ethics Awards (PBEA)


Ron Magnuson

Graduate School of Business

BUSENV 1175 CPLE Capstone Seminar and The Consortium for Public Education


Jason Manne

Pitt Law

Pitt Law Veterans Practicum


Deborah Moncrieff

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Audiology Clinical Training and Research at the Shuman Juvenile Detention Center


Alison Slinksey Legg

Biological Sciences

Science Education Outreach: Methods by which a Research University canImpact Underserved Communities


Tracy Soska

School of Social Work

Civic Engagement Living-Learning Community


Tracy Soska

School of Social Work

The University of Pittsburgh Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC)


John Wallace

School of Social Work

One Square Mile: Engaging Residents in Research to Address ChildrenÆs Asthma in Homewood


Jeffrey Wheeler

Department of Mathematics

Approximating Human Packing for Shipping Container Estimation: a Charitable Endeavor