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A large university has many opportunities, some of which you may not know exist. The goal of advising in the University Honors College (UHC) is to make these resources accessible to able, curious, and motivated undergraduates.

What we do

Your first thoughts about “advising” may be related to course selection and enrollment in classes. And while honors college advisors can offer you guidance about classes to take, they do not replace your regular, assigned advisor for tracking your academic progress and processing your course registration. Rather, UHC advisors complement the role of your formal advisor by helping you develop a comprehensive plan of studies for your undergraduate education that capitalizes upon your skills and educational/career goals.

Beyond courses, this may include:

  • Meeting faculty in the graduate and professional schools.
  • Identifying educational opportunities abroad.
  • Finding venues for independent study.Exploring prospects for fellowships or national scholarships.
  • Conducting research of the caliber normally reserved for graduate students.
  • Writing and defending a rigorous undergraduate thesis.
  • Participating in summer field programs.In other words, the honors college seeks to broker the vast array of opportunities available to you at Pitt, as well as outside the University,

in order for you to maximize your academic attainment. UHC advisors have extensive knowledge of these resources and experience working with students wishing to make the most of their undergraduate experience.

In addition to several staff members formally employed by the honors college as academic advisors, other UHC-affiliated individuals can offer you advice and guidance. All honors college staff members are accessible to students and may prove to be helpful resources for you. Likewise, faculty members teaching UHC courses can provide you with valuable insights into their disciplines. Any of these individuals may forge a lasting relationship with you as an academic mentor.

Advising in the honors college is open to any student. We encourage you to consult with UHC advisors as you develop and refine your academic plans.

How to receive UHC advising

Obtaining advising from UHC staff is simple and only requires a little initiative on your part. All you need to do is learn about UHC staff members to find out who best fits your needs by reviewing the staff information page and then contacting that person!