Requesting a Community Scholar

Submitting the Online Community Scholar Request

Once you have read through the UHC Community Scholar Program details, submit your online Community Scholar request. Please be sure to include detailed information in all required fields. While creating a Community Scholar project, please consider the following:

  • How will you define the Community Scholar’s project (e.g. description, scope, timeline)?
  • What academic background should your Community Scholar possess? What specific academic frameworks, theories, interests, and/or experiences must the Community Scholar possess?
  • How many total hours do you expect this project to take? How many hours/week?
  • Who will act as the Community Scholar’s “mentor” within the organization?
  • Where will your Community Scholar engage in their project? In your offices?
  • Other than CV/resume, what application questions would you like applicants to respond to?

Soliciting Applicants

After submitting your online Community Scholar request, the UHC Academic Community Engagement Advisor will contact you within 7 business days to confirm your request or to inquire additional information.

After the request has been confirmed, the UHC will work with Pitt staff and faculty to solicit applicants based on the specific academic background, interests, and theoretical requirements defined by the organization. Student applicants will first send their materials to the UHC who will forward strong applicants to the organization. The organization will then set up interviews with applicants select their Community Scholar.

Community Scholar positions can only commence at the beginning of the fall, spring, and summer academic terms:

  • Fall term commences August 26, 2013
  • Spring term commences January 6, 2014
  • Summer term commences May 5, 2014

Organizations should request for Community Scholars months in advance in order to give students ample time to apply and coordinate their schedules. Community Scholar applicants will be taken on a rolling basis until a Community Scholar has been selected by the organization. Although the UHC will work to connect the right student with the right Community Scholar opportunity, the UHC does not guarantee that a Community Scholar position will be filled. It may occur that the right student currently is unavailable or not interested in the Community Scholar position. In this case, the UHC will work with the organization to determine a plan to find a strong applicant for the project in a future term.

A Community Scholar is Selected

Before contacting the selected applicant, the organization notifies the UHC Academic Community Engagement Advisor. The organization then contacts the selected applicant to offer the Community Scholar position. Prior to offering the Community Scholar position, the organization mentor must complete the Community Scholar Expectations Agreement. The selection process is not complete until the Community Scholar, the organization mentor, and the UHC Academic Community Engagement Advisor sign this document.  This document should be given to the student when the organization offers the applicant the Community Scholar position, and must be completed within 10 business days of the applicant receiving the offer.

The Community Scholar Begins

Upon the date designated in the Community Scholar Expectations Document, the Community Scholar will begin his/her project until the completion of the defined time. The Community Scholar will be required to have brief bi-weekly check-ins with the UHC Academic Community Engagement Advisor and the organization mentor will be required to have 3 check-ins with the UHC Academic Community Engagement Advisor per semester (beginning, mid-term, and end).


If there are any questions that you have while applying or while a Community Scholar is with your organization please contact UHC Academic Community Engagement Advisor, Holly Hickling, at or 412.624.6655.