David Wang

Having resided in Pittsburgh for the last 12 years, I can attest to the fact that Pittsburgh is a wonderful city with many hidden treasures. Certainly, it may not get the hype that larger cities receive, but there is plenty of entertainment here for those who seek it. When I came to Pitt, I chose to live in honors housing, perhaps one of the best choices I have made at Pitt. Living within the honors community helps establish strong bonds that last all 4 undergraduate years and maybe even longer.

As a Chemistry and Mathematics major, I’ve faced my fair share of challenges. However, there is plenty of support given by the faculty and advisors from my respective departments, and I imagine the same to be true of all disciplines. What additionally makes the University of Pittsburgh great is that it’s possible to pursue multiple specialties, an often overlooked fact. Many colleges discourage achieving more than one major or minor, but Pitt encourages such opportunities. Finally, I have engaged in many student activities during my time here. Through Pitt Arts, I’ve gone to the Pittsburgh Symphony many times for free. The honors college also sponsors multiple events ranging from ice skating to movie nights through the Student Honors Activities Council. Perhaps my favorite thing to do is play pick-up sports outside or within Pitt’s athletic facilities, a great way to meet new people.