About Honors Housing

Honors Housing is a diverse academic and social community that is shaped by the interests of its students.  It is a community where students from many academic disciplines live and learn together.  It is a place where students can put their intellectual curiosity to work engaging in debates and hallway discussions.

What makes Honors Housing unique is the ability for students to shape their own community.  We count on students to be active participants in the process and bring new ideas into the community.  Programming in Honors Housing might include floor discussion groups, trips to the symphony, special off-campus lectures, intramural sports, museum tours, and exploring all that Pitt and Pittsburgh have to offer.

Honors communities are not quiet living floors, and they’re not intended to be.  The idea is that learning is a continuous process that takes place inside and outside the classroom; learning can occur during a lively debate between classmates in a lecture hall or between residents in their floor lounge.  Honors Housing residents are expected to observe the University’s Quiet Hours Policy, but the Honors residence halls are not 24-hour quiet communities.

The UHC is not a membership organization. UHC community activities – including applying to Honors Housing - are open to students throughout the campus.  We often say it is best to think of the UHC as a state of mind.  You don’t enroll in the honors college, and we don’t offer membership; rather, you engage with the Honors College by tapping into its diversity of resources and unique opportunities. 

Honors Housing might be right for you if:

  • You want to be part of a diverse academic and social community that is shaped by your interests.
  • You are curious, self-motivated, view your studies as an adventure and want to explore ideas with other students outside of the classroom.
  • You want to contribute to an environment of mutual respect by recognizing differences in individuals and learning to navigate differences of opinion, practices, beliefs, and convictions.
  • You believe in a “generosity of spirit” and want to be part of a socially active community of student leaders that give back to others.

For more information, use the links to the right to access our pages about First-Year Honors Housing and Upper-Class Honors Housing. If you have questions, email Greg Lucsko (greg.lucsko@pitt.edu).