Jenna Baron

My experience over the past four years at Pitt has been shaped by my connections with others. As a freshman, I found what I perceived to be a hidden gem on the 36th floor of the Cathedral, where I spent many hours studying before exams. To my surprise, my relationship to this space, better known as the University Honors College, developed as I became part of a humanitarian and environmental student community and began to apply my passion to public service on a wider scale.

Throughout the first three years of college and my involvement with several on-campus organizations, my Swahili professor, and I had planned my study abroad trip to East Africa. This instructor introduced me to the office of National Scholarship Advising at the UHC. Judy Zang and Ross Reilly updated me on opportunities to apply for scholarships that were relevant to my interests. I applied for an African Heritage Room Scholarship and spent three months abroad between Kenya and Tanzania. As a result of my experience and encouragement from staff within the Honors College, I have applied for the Fulbright scholarship and have been selected as a recommended candidate in hopes of returning to Kenya to continue my research concerning education equality for the visually impaired.

My areas of study are Cultural Anthropology, Global Studies, African Studies, and I plan to diffuse my educational and activist experience to pursue a career in education reform. As an Honors College Senior Ambassador, I am excited to share my experiences with undergraduates and connect them with the influential, compassionate members of the Pitt community who have helped bring me to where I am today.