Getting started

UHC National Scholarships Advisors help students consider the awards most appropriate for their interests and goals and offer guidance on the application process. Before beginning an application, we recommend these steps:

1. Read through our website. Make sure you review the Tips and Advice section in advance of an information session. 

2. Attend a National Scholarship Information Session. This is a half-hour introduction to the different kinds of national scholarship opportunities, resources to search for awards, and the nuts and bolts of compiling a competitive application. During the fall and spring terms, the information sessions are held on Mondays and Tuesdays at 12 PM on the 37th floor of the Cathedral of Learning. 

3. Schedule a one-on-one advising appointment with Judy Zang, Ian Riggins, or Shannon Mischler to explore scholarship options.

4. Read the Tips to Consider Before you Apply which provides strategies and tasks to consider before you begin working on your application, such as:

  • Preparing a timeline
  • Researching scholarships
  • Establishing relationships with faculty
  • Selecting recommendation writers

Contact us with any questions.