Cameron Olezene

I didn’t know what to expect when I came to Pitt. I was a little intimidated by the large class sizes and the distant professors. Fortunately, I found myself in a UHC political science course my first semester. Initially I thought that Honors just meant more work and harder exams but I was delighted to find that it also meant smaller class sizes and more opportunity for discussion with peers.

My experiences with the Honors College freshman year were an important part of me finding my way at Pitt. I came to Pitt wanting to be a pharmacist, and instead discovered a passion for medicine as well as a love for science. I became a double major in Neuroscience and Biology and had the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the mind and body through research.  By conducting my own research experiments, I saw firsthand the labor that goes into creating new knowledge and advancing the understanding of the human body. Through the Pre-Health Advising office in the UHC, I was guided through the process of becoming a competitive medical school applicant.

The students, professors and advisers that I have met have Pitt have all been instrumental in making Pitt my home away from home. The Honors College in particular has been an amazing resource in encouraging and supporting me to pursue my many interests. The care and personal attention they give are remarkable and are available for every student at the University of Pittsburgh to take advantage of.