Ben Robinson

If I had to name one institution at the University of Pittsburgh that has furthered my development as a student and a person the most, it would have to be the Honors College.  I believe that because of the nature of the UHC itself (students self-select which parts or programs of the Honors College that they would like to be involved with), I was driven to work hard and put forth effort to get the most out of my Pitt experience.  In addition, the commitment that the UHC puts into investing in its students and its communities rings true with me.  From the Honors Housing communities for freshmen and upperclassmen to the Brackenridge Undergraduate Research community to the Student Honors Activities Community, the Honors College puts its money where its mouth is like no other organization on campus.  If you have an idea for an activity or student group that you would like to see implemented at Pitt, the UHC is the place to go.  If you need funds to perform your own independent research, domestically or abroad, the UHC is the place to go.  If you want a quiet place to study or to hang out with friends, the UHC is the place to go.  If you recognize this pattern, the UHC is the place for you.

When I came to Pitt as a freshman, the first community on campus to embrace me, welcome me, and genuinely make me feel comfortable was the Honors College.  But the UHC’s involvement in my life didn’t stop there.  When I became a board member of the Student Honors Activity Council, which plans events for students who want to be actively involved in social events with other Honors eligible students, the UHC funded our activities and helped bring hundreds of students together each semester for fun campus-wide events outside the classroom.  When I was looking for a summer research opportunity, I found that the UHC offers a program like none other in the country:  a true interdisciplinary program where fellow undergraduate researchers from a breadth of different academic backgrounds meet, learn, and discuss each other’s work in an intimate atmosphere.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time at Pitt, it’s that when the Honors College makes a commitment to its follows through, and more.