KC Euler

When it came time for me to apply for college, my family’s lifetime allegiance to the Pitt Panthers made Pitt an obvious choice. While I knew what degrees I wanted in the other colleges I applied to, I was undecided when I started at Pitt. It was the Honors College that offered me all the resources I needed to realize what interested me most. Through recommendations from the advising staff and the students, I chose to study English Writing and International Area Studies.

The Honors College has encouraged me to pursue my interests in unique ways. I was able to study abroad in Tanzania my freshman summer through the Fulbright-Hayes scholarship, an experience that convinced me to study languages—even though I am not pursuing a degree in linguistics! It also intensified my passion for travel, and I was fortunate enough to study abroad a second time in Morocco. The Honors College has always emphasized learning outside the classroom, and the encouragement of the staff and students has shaped my entire collegiate career.

After becoming involved in Collision Magazine and the UHC reading groups, I realized how vital the Honors College has been in my undergraduate experience. It all started with my decision to live in the freshmen Honors housing. Now, looking back as a senior, I realize how invaluable that experience was. One of my roommates, now my best friend, is a computer science major and another is on the pre-medical track. As an English Writing and International Studies student, I doubt I would have met them any other way.