Sandy Liu

The steps that led me to the University of Pittsburgh happened by chance, but I have never regretted my decision to become a PITT Panther! As a small-town girl from Oregon, my father and I took a whirlwind tour of east coast schools, from North Carolina to New York. We stopped in Pittsburgh to see both CMU and PITT, but walking through our beautiful campus and seeing the Cathedral at the heart of it all made me feel at home. The University of Pittsburgh is a special place; the campus, the staff, and the students have developed a warm and welcoming environment that helps students succeed in their interests.

In my freshmen year, I chose to take five honors classes. Although this absolutely was not a simple transition from high school to college, my first year was very influential in my development as a student. I was thrown into situations where my minimal knowledge of physics and calculus was stretched, pushed, and pulled in directions I had never considered, and I loved it. The special thing about the University of Pittsburgh Honors College is that ANYONE can participate in UHC classes – something that I never really appreciated. The UHC is just as welcoming, if not more so, than the rest of our campus; the intellect and appreciation for learning clearly shines on the 35th floor of the Cathedral.

As a bioengineering student pursuing a BPhil, the University of Pittsburgh has provided me many opportunities for both research and student involvement. Not only have I been fortunate to publish two second-author publications, but I have also had the opportunity to become very involved in the Society of Women Engineers, the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, and Tau Beta Pi Honors Engineering Society. At the University of Pittsburgh, and with the help of the Honors College, there are ample opportunities for every student to build and create their own college experience around their interests.