Andrew Zmolek

I’m from York, Pennsylvania, which is located about four hours away from Pittsburgh. I decided to attend Pitt for several reasons. First, I felt comfortable on and around campus during my visit, and I was very interested in attending basketball and football games. More importantly, I heard about several stellar engineering undergraduate research opportunities. I wish I could say that I initially attended the University for the Honors College (UHC) programs; in reality, I didn’t realize the extraordinarily positive impact the UHC would have on my educational experience until I was enrolled. I am currently a chemical Engineering major and a candidate for a BPhil degree.

I chose to enroll in Honors College classes and pursue UHC research and teaching opportunities. As a senior, I became a member of a UHC advisory committee and was selected to be a UHC Senior Student Ambassador. With regard to research opportunities, I received funding to complete my undergraduate research through the Brackenridge community. In addition to presenting my results to the other Brackenridge fellows, I also benefited tremendously from hearing the other scholars formally present their research. With financial support for a teaching project that I proposed to pursue, I was able to develop a “personal tutor” Organic Chemistry program and show that students who used it consistently earned fantastic OChem I & II exam scores. Further, I have learned how to contribute to the education of younger students by serving on Dean Stricker’s advisory committee and meeting with freshman students as a UHC ambassador.