Rashmi Kumar


Coming from Fort Collins, Colorado, I hadn't heard about Pitt until a college newsletter arrived in our mailbox in early 2010. After being accepted, I remember coming out to Pitt and being blown away by the amount of research opportunities available for students here. Of all the places on campus that I visited, however, the Honors College was my favorite.

After coming to Pitt, I took Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry in my freshman year, which has been one of the best decisions of my life. The faculty that are involved in honors courses really challenge you and force you to look beyond the textbook for answers. I also realized that the research atmosphere at Pitt is very conducive to welcoming undergraduates into labs and projects. The Honors College in particular offers several fellowships where you can fund your own research. Through the Brackenridge and Chancellor’s Fellowships, I have been able to not only participate in an inter-disciplinary research fellowship but I’ve also received training on writing research proposals.

The best part about the Honors College is how passionate all the faculty and advisors are. If there was ever a moment where I needed advice or even a person to just brainstorm ideas for the future with, I knew I would find it on the 36th floor. If my four years here have been successful, it is because of the incredible support at the Honors College.