Priya Roy


Like many of my classmates, I did not arrive at Pitt with a comprehensive understanding of all that the University Honors College offers to students. Yet, the UHC—and more importantly, the rich, tight knit community that it has fostered—introduced me to experiences, people, and ideas that helped me immensely to develop both personally and intellectually throughout my four years here.

A large aspect of my involvement with the UHC grew from my participation in its residential programming. Living in the Honors LLC during my sophomore and junior years, I met so many students who, despite differences in their academic backgrounds, shared the core value of learning for learning’s sake. In fact, because there was such a range of academic expertise in the building, students were always helping one another with assignments or debating issues that spanned multiple disciplines.

I felt a similar sense of community as I’ve participated in reading groups like Education & Edibles and Pizza & Ulysses. These groups regularly bring together students of a range of backgrounds to share their perspectives through critical literary analysis and discussion. Rather than being divisive, our differences have brought valuable nuance and insight to our debates, regularly compelling me to both reflect on my existing views and construct new ones with my peers.

The Honors College has fostered a unique environment at this university—one that has valued and actively striven to exemplify the ideals of intellectual curiosity, scholarship, and interdisciplinary engagement. My collaborative experiences in this community have shaped what I value in my own education, and I carry them with me as I graduate and move on to medical school.