Anisa Mughal


Coming to Pitt as a freshman was an exciting and unsure time in my life. I was moving across the country to experience something “different”, though I was not exactly sure what that meant. I soon discovered there was rarely something that I found boring or uninteresting. Each class I took, whether it was Economics or Theatre, related to each other and my broad base of learning; each class made me want to learn more.

As my time at Pitt went on, I started branching out and taking classes I had never heard of. I absolutely loved learning languages but decided to approach them differently by taking a bilingualism class; I wanted to understand how businesses are made and kept and decided to learn more about accounting and management. Around my third semester at Pitt, I found a cohort of people who also enjoyed learning about many different things and shared a passion for multidisciplinary learning in the Honors College. Through my peers, I learned about so many of the other opportunities happening on campus and became involved in a recycling group, a women’s choir, and doing research with the Brackenridge Fellowship.

Because my interests were varied, I studied Natural Science and used much of my elective space to satisfy my curiosity by chipping away at many of the other disciplines. After graduating, I started medical school at Pitt and continue to enjoy learning about everything. I thank myself for taking the time to explore many interests in my undergraduate education because I feel they have contributed to my personal development and view of the future as I continue in my education.