2015 Fall Term Brackenridge Fellows

Ololade Adebiyi

Major: Film Studies; Minor: Neuroscience

Usability of Video Technology in Remote Acquisition of Neuropsychological Data

Faculty Mentor: Julie Fiez, Psychology


Elena Corina Andriescu

Major: Neuroscience; Minors: Chemistry, Africana Studies

Studying the Relationship Between Obesity and Nicotene Self-Administration in Adolescent Rats

Faculty Mentor: Alan Sved, Neuroscience


Imaz Athar

Majors: Neuroscience, Sociology

Mental Health and Barriers to Treatment in Pittsburgh’s Low SES Neighborhoods

Faculty Mentor: Waverly Duck, Sociology


Ethan Baker

Major: Anthropology

Ayurveda and Biomedicine: Medical Pluralism Among Indian Immigrants to the United States

Faculty Mentor: Laura Brown, Anthropology


Adam Brynes

Major: Microbiology; Minor: Chemistry

Elucidating HSP Dependence of Mutant CFTR NBD2 Construct Turnover

Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Brodsky, Biological Sciences


Nicholas Buser

Major: Philosophy; Minor: Neuroscience

A Comparison in Methods for the Tractography of Diffusional Imaging

Faculty Mentor: Walter Schneider, Psychology


Alessandro Conway

Majors: Economics, History

The Italian Response to the New Wave of Immigration

Faculty Mentor: Bernard Hagerty, History


Stephanie Cortes

Major: Electrical Engineering

A Residential Energy Management Solution for Bi-Directional Power Flow Control between Home Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles

Faculty Mentor: Brandon Grainger, Electrical & Computer Engineering, SSoE


Blake Dube

Major: Chemical Engineering

Discovering the Theoretical Limits of Oxygen Storage within Porous Materials

Faculty Mentor: Chris Wilmer, Chemical Engineering, SSoE


Thomas Elvins

Majors: Russian, Slavic Studies, German Language and Cultural Studies

Codified Russisms: Identifying Slavonified Russisms in Medieval Redactions of the Codex of St. Sava

Faculty Mentor: Ljiljana Duraskovic, Slavic Languages & Literatures


Anna Gallagher

Majors: Anthropology, German Language and Cultural Studies

Travel or Trade?  Obsidian of the Biderbost Site

Faculty Mentor: Kathy Allen, Anthropology


Allison Graine

Majors: Biological Sciences, Africana Studies

Determine the Effects of En1 Deletion on Expression of Molecules that Direct Neoronal Migration

Faculty Mentor: Stephen Maricich, Pediatrics, SoM


Shushma Gudla

Major: Bioengineering

Effect of DGR Addirives on Non-Deformable RBC Concentrations in Microvessels: A Potential Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease Complications

Faculty Mentor: Marina Kameneva, Bioengineering


Zachary Herbster

Majors: Classics, History

Lux Fiat: Illuminating the Role of Augustinian Synthesis in Scientific Modernity

Faculty Mentor: Ryan McDermott, English


Corinne Kuebler

Majors: Chemistry, Geology

Bench Top Synthesis: An Investigation into Borylative Transformations

Faculty Mentor: Paul Floreancig, Chemistry


Lydia Lewis

Major: Neuroscience

Preventing Vision Loss after Ocular Trauma Using Extracellular Matrix Technology

Faculty Mentor: Michael Steketee, Ophthalmology, SoM


Hannah Mellor

Major: Ecology & Evolution; Minor: Chemistry

Evaluating the Vertical Dimension of Species Diversity within Temperate vs. Tropical Forests: Implications for Conservation and Forest Function

Faculty Mentor: Walter Carson, Biological Sciences


Jeff Nechleba

Majors: Physics, Philosophy

Universal Distribution of Protein Expression in Bacteria Cell Populations

Faculty Mentor: Hanna Salman, Physics & Astronomy


Keith O’Conor

Major: Molecular Biology; Minor: Africana Studies

Determination of Key Allorecognition Proteins in Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus

Faculty Mentor: Andrew VanDemark, Biological Sciences


Stephen Perdziola

Major: Geology

Assessing the Timing, Magnitude, and Causes of Recent Lake Hydrology Changes in Alaska Using Aerial Imagery Analysis

Faculty Mentor: Mark Abbott, Geology & Planetary Science


Samantha Rowden

Major: Biological Sciences; Minors: Chemistry, Sociology.

The Role of Socioeconomic Status in the Contraction of Respiratory Infection

Faculty Mentor: Supriya Kumar, Behavioral & Community Health Science, GSPH


Gregory Suehr

Major: Physics

Analysis Tools for a Novel Particle Detector

Faculty Mentor: Vladimir Savinov, Physics & Astronomy


Mehrgol Tiv

Majors: Psychology, French; Minor: Neuroscience

Idiomatically Speaking: Learning Unfamiliar Idioms

Faculty Mentor: Tessa Warren, Psychology


Victoria Yuhas

Majors: French, Linguistics

L’arabe algérian: est-ce un créole?

Faculty Mentor: Neil Doshi, French & Italian Languages and Literatures