UHC Climate Change Series

Topics for the University Honors College Climate Change Series will include the basic matters of science at issue and fundamentals of response to them as well as the attendant challenges, including challenges in shifting to alternative energy sources and reducing energy consumption, in managing vested interests and politics, and in motivating the public amid doomsday scenarios. This long-term program seeks to educate students, faculty, and staff about all aspects of climate change.

On April 17, 2013, the inaugural lecture of this series was delivered by the celebrated author, blogger, physicist, and climate expert, Dr. Joseph Romm, who spoke broadly about how global warming will, in the coming years and decades, become the main focus of the public and private sectors including the implications for jobs, from science and engineering to business, government, and policy.



March 22, 2017
Bob Inglis

Can Free Enterprise Solve Climate Change?


November 30, 2016
Dr. John Sterman

From Climate Change to Political and Personal Change: Building a Prosperous, Sustainable World


March 15, 2016
Dr. Jonathan Patz

Climate Change: Health Risks and Opportunities


January 27, 2016
Dr. Matthew Rodell

Monitoring Groundwater Variability from Space


November 19, 2015
Dr. Paulina Jaramillo

Climate Impacts and Regulation:
The Future of Coal Power Plants in the U.S. Power Grid


April 16, 2015
Kim Cobb

Corals as Climate Communicators


October 30, 2014
Coral Davenport

The Changing Politics of Climate Change


March 31, 2014
James K. Boyce

Climate Policy as Wealth Creation


October 2, 2013
Raymond Bradley

The Science and Politics of Global Warming


April 17, 2013
Joseph Romm

To Hell and High Water: What You Need to Know About Climate Change