Sage Lincoln


I entered Pitt as a very independent-minded freshman, determined to pursue sustainability academically and extracurricularly. Already knowing exactly what I wanted to study, I didn’t think that the Honors College had much to offer me other than the ability to take more challenging courses and live with other UHC students.

Now, as a senior triple-majoring in Environmental Geology, Ecology and Evolution, and Urban Studies, I look back and see how foolish I was. During the past three years I have been engaged with the UHC and have taken advantage of some of the vast number of opportunities offered. Through the Honors College I have done community-based research on access to local community farms with Holly Hickling, gone to countless lectures and discussions, served as a UHC ambassador, and applied for and received the Udall and NOAA Hollings national scholarships with the guidance of Judy Zang. Most importantly, I have had countless deep and thought-provoking conversations with many of the wonderful UHC staff, several of whom I now consider dear friends. The Honors College is made up of remarkable individuals who care more about your growth and development than your GPA, and it is this community of smart, passionate, and engaged people that I will miss most about the Honors College when I graduate.

Sage Lincoln speaking at the EPA Emissions Hearing Rally in Pittsburgh on September 29, 2015