Boren Scholarship - 2018 Pitt Campus Process

Boren Scholars study less-commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. national security interests. Previous language study is NOT required. In exchange for funding, Boren Scholars commit to working in the federal government for at least one year after undergraduate or graduate school. US Citizenship is required. 


Director of National Scholarships, Judy Zang,

National Scholarships Advisor, Ian Riggins,



  • Go over application a minimum of three times before January 8 campus deadline with a National Scholarships advisor. Please schedule those appointments well in advance:
  • Thoroughly read Boren website. Read EVERY LINK under Boren Scholarship.
  • Register immediately online at to receive all relevant communication about the award and campus process from Pitt’s Boren campus representative, UHC National Scholarship Advising.
  • Line up 3 recommendation writers. Prepare packet described here on Tips & Advice: Include the Boren LOR guidelines in the packet. Tell recommendation writers NOT to finish the letter until they see draft of your Boren essays (give them solid draft of your essays later in November).
  • Find a faculty mentor with expertise in the country and/or topic of your national security interests. Arrange to meet with them to discuss the first Boren essay. Have them give you feedback when you have a solid draft prepared.
  • Choose study abroad program(s) that meet Boren language requirements AND length of time. Make sure the program(s) is Pitt approved (check with Office of Study Abroad).



  • FIRST CAMPUS DEADLINE - Submit your completed application through Boren's Embark system; it only goes to the National Scholarships Office, not to the Boren Program. We will unsubmit it to you so you can make revisions before the final campus deadline.


JANUARY 22-26:

  • Boren campus interviews. These interviews are not to select or eliminate anyone, but to give you one last round of feedback on your application before the final deadline. 
  • Please note that we need to accommodate our committee members' schedules, so you may have to miss class or ask off of work if they conflict with your interview. If you have any inflexible commitments during this week, you must let the National Scholarships Office know well in advance.


FEBRUARY 1, 2018 BY 5 PM:

  • FINAL CAMPUS DEADLINE - Submit your FINAL application online.