Honors College Weekly Events


5 p.m., Comic Collective

Join this student-run group to read comic books and graphic novels and discuss their social influence and stylistic elements. 


8 a.m., Brilliant Breakfasts

Wake up to bagels and hear the stories of impressive alumni and faculty


12 p.m., Dean's Diversions

Chat with your fellow students and Dean Brian Primack over lunch, and be ready for surprises! 

3 p.m., Awarding Afternoons

Develop the confidence and skills to compete for exciting scholarships and fellowships.


3 p.m., Community Cafe

Meet with staff, other students, faculty, and public officials working for the public good.


6:30 p.m., Friday Films (Friday Night M.E.S.S.)

Join friendly faces for candy, popcorn, a great movie, and an open discussion afterward.