Student Profiles

Read more about our students and their University Honors College experiences.

2016 Students

Lia Petrose - “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for the Honors College and the University...” More »

Stefan Poost - “The UHC was a force of affirmation and encouragement to me...” More »

Mikhaila Rice - “The breadth of academic offerings from the UHC has shaped the way I view my own studies and research.” More »

Mehrgol Tiv - “This passion has guided me in successfully writing and defending a Bachelor of Philosophy thesis...” More »

2015 Students

Bennett Garner - “Whatever I wanted to accomplish intellectually, the Honors College helped me find a way to make it happen.” More »

Samantha Levinson - “I aspire to change the world, to further the cause of women’s rights and, by extension, human rights.” More »

Sage Lincoln - “The Honors College is made up of remarkable individuals who care more about your growth and development than your GPA...More »

Anisa Mughal - “I thank myself for taking the time to explore many interests in my undergraduate education...” More »

Brian Rhindress - “Together, we pushed each other to think deeply about our roles in the community and become curious people.” More »

Chad Stein - “ in Honors Housing my freshman and sophomore years helped me to expand my interests beyond my major.” More »

Audrey Winn - “The mentorship and encouragement that I received at the UHC shaped the entirety of my education.” More »

Mark Zaki - “...the best part about the UHC is how easily you can tailor its numerous benefits into your personal interests...” More »

2014 Students

Andrew Abboud - “It is this synthesis of academics, service, and citizenship that I seek to embody as a student…” More »

Michael Deckebach - “In my experience, the UHC is all about providing the means to turn college dreams and goals into reality.” More »

Rashmi Kumar - “I also realized that the research atmosphere at Pitt is very conducive to welcoming undergraduates into labs and projects.” More »

Nikke Luke - “…through the UHC, I was able to pursue my interests through advocacy, scholarship, and research.” More »

Mary Mallampalli - “…the UHC has been an incredible support system that has encouraged and enabled me to pursue my many interests.” More »

Julia Radomski - “What I love about Pitt is how much freedom I have to explore different academic areas and pursue different interests at once.” More »

Priya Roy - “The Honors College has fostered a unique environment at this university…” More »

Joe Thomas - “The UHC encouraged me to take my academic interests outside of the classroom and into my extra-curricular life.” More »

2013 Students

Eric Baldwin - “Without the advising, mentoring and extracurricular enrichment, my BPhil research project would not have been possible” More »

Jenna Baron - “My experience over the past four years at Pitt has been shaped by my connections with others” More »

KC Euler - “For me the best part has been the community” More »

Sandy Liu - “With the help of the Honors College, there are ample opportunities for every student to build and create their own college experience around their interests” More »

Paul Monroe - “I am one of many students who take advantage of Pitt’s willingness to give students the opportunities they crave” More »

Cameron Olezene - “The UHC gives you the opportunity to explore your interests and find out where your passion really lies” More »

Lisa Volpatti - “The support system that we formed during our first year remains intact today” More »

Andrew Zmolek - “In reality, I didn’t realize the extraordinarily positive impact the UHC would have on my educational experience until I was enrolled” More »

2012 Students

Laura Dempsey - "I was determined to broaden my perspective and form my own independence" More »

Ryan Gayman - "It's important to pursue your interests even if they end up changing along the way" More »

Rachel Harris -  "Learning should be an adventure, not a chore" More »

Raaka Kumbhakar - "I fell in love with the school - the city, the general demeanor around capus, and most of all , the Honors College community" More »

Nana Marfo - "The Honors College provided me with the feel of a small, liberal arts school with all the opportunities of a major research university" More »

Ben Robinson - "I was driven to work hard and put forth effort to get the most out of my Pitt experience" More »

David Wang - "There is plenty of support given by the faculty and advisors" More »

Alex Zimmerman - "The UHC transformed my experience at Pitt into the small liberal arts environment I wanted but with hundreds of courses from which to choose" More »