Awarding Afternoons

Wednesdays at 3 p.m. (2-3 times a month)*
Cathedral of Learning,  37th floor.

Get the skills to compete for scholarships.

Better your chances with inside tips about every stage of the process. Our Scholarship Mentors know what committees are looking for (because they've been on them.)  

You can also chat with a Scholarship Mentor 1-on-1.

Fall 2018 schedule

Inside advice from recent winners

Oct. 10 - What's it really like to apply for these awards? Hear from recent winners about their experience, and their best tips. 

Scholarship Jeopardy!

Oct. 17 - You think you know enough about scholarships? Put it to the test, and learn a thing or 3 along the way in our Jeopardy-style challenge. There'll be physical challenges as well as questions, so be ready for anything! Or just watch the fun.

The unexpected problems that kill your chances: Soft skills

Oct. 24 - Application horror stories — and how to deal with them (plus practice with some roleplay.) We'll go over dilemmas small and large, like: "Help! My professor doesn't remember me; Can I still get them to write me a great letter?" (Hint: you can, but it takes some strategizing.) ​ 

Build a competitive research background 

Nov. 14 - This is a major research University! It's full of more opportunities than you probably even know exist. Research mentors from different departments will come together to give you an overview of the many, many options — including ways to get started if you don't have any experience yet at all! 

Fund your experience: Research fellowships at (or through) Pitt 

Nov. 28 - Get your experience paid for! Find fellowships in your field, and learn how to land them.  


Spring 2019 schedule

Everyone does ____ on their personal statements

Jan. 9 - Some of those bright ideas? Scholarship committees see them over and over. Instead, we'll show you how to craft your experience into a memorable, compelling story that will wow selectors. 

Practice with personal statements

Jan. 23 - Let's look at real-world personal statements, and how to improve them. (You can even bring your own for helpful critique!)  

Panel: Research statements

Feb. 6 - How can you showcase your work? We'll discuss how to talk about research in a variety of fields, not just in the lab. 

Hands-on: How's my research statement? 

Feb. 20 - Have a draft? Let's discuss it. Need some ideas? Let's discuss some ideas to get you started. 

Mock Interviews I (Face-to-Face Interviews)

March 6 - You sound great on paper ... but can you walk the talk? Well if not, we'll show you how, and give you some practice so you can be confident about it! 

Mock Interviews II (Skype Interviews)

March 20 - Yes, this is a totally different skillset. Let's look at the unique challenges (and advantages) of Skype-session interviews. 

How to make the best of summer break

April 3 - Don't wait until the last minute to check these off your list ...