Computational Methods in the Humanities

CLASS 1050, RELGST 1780, LING 1050, GER 1550, SLAV 1050, HIST 1030, INFSCI 0013, ENGLIT 1600 - spring 

Gain the skills to digitally analyze texts and code your own site — even if you have no tech background whatsoever.

With some basic programming, you’ll be able to analyze anything from Lord of the Rings to tweets about presidential debates. Learn to apply the broad power of data in creative ways, and balance large-scale trends with the intricacies of interpreting context.

Take this class if you: want to dive into technologically advanced text analysis and coding, and get a sense of the newest possibilities in humanities research. 

Explore questions like: You will get to choose your own topic, using any text you want. Some past examples include: What words did presidential candidates use most, and did they use the same words differently? How did Dr. Seuss's nonsense words change throughout his career? 

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