Honors Course Enrollment


Honors courses are open to all capable and motivated students at Pitt. As with any course, there may be specific enrollment requirements associated with an honors course (see below). To determine whether an honors course is appropriate for you, please discuss this with an academic advisor or the professor for the course. In order to be successful in an honors course, you must be passionate about the course subject and must be willing to work harder in the course by reading more, writing more, discussing more, and/or working harder problems.

As noted above, some honors courses have additional enrollment requirements placed on them. The most common restriction is a 3.25 GPA requirement. In general, this restriction is placed on courses which are not appropriate for first-year students. If you encounter an honors course with an enrollment restriction on it, speak with your academic advisor about whether the course is appropriate for you. Additionally, professors teaching honors courses can waive the restriction on a case-by-case basis, such as for a first-year student with a particularly strong background in a specific area. You are free to contact the professor for the course, and if the professor gives you approval to enroll in the course, the professor’s department or the Honors College can generate a permission number for you to enroll in the course.