Supplemental Course Information

Please include a detailed description of your course which includes the following information:


What are the special topics, questions, or concerns students will address? Please include as thorough a course outline/syllabus as possible.


What are the primary objectives of the course? What do you hope students will achieve?


Why is this course of honors caliber? If there is a regular non-honors section of this course covering similar material, what makes this course different? 


Why do you feel this subject is important for undergraduate study?


How will the course be structured? How much discussion vs. lecture is there? What is the amount of work required of the students?  How will the students be evaluated? How many papers? Exams? Will there be oral presentations?

In addition, if you are requesting UHC funds for course materials, films, field trips, museum admissions, theater tickets, or other course enhancements, please include detailed information including approximate costs on a separate page.