Scholarships & awards

Pitt Honors alumni and students network during our awards ceremony.


Every year, Pitt Honors recognizes the students who champion our values with a variety of awards and honors. At our annual awards ceremony in April, we bring together distinguished alumni and University leaders to celebrate these outstanding students and their achievements. 

Incoming freshmen: apply for awards through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Our own Pitt Honors awards are listed below. If you'd like to compete for major national scholarships, our Scholarship Mentors can help. 

Application-based Honors awards: 

Chancellor's Scholars

This Honors scholarship the University of Pittsburgh's highest award for incoming students. Applications are by invitation only.

2018-2022 - Anne Biedermann, Natalie Britton, Renee Cantor, Gabriel Field, Lori Huang, Benjamin Hudock, Wyatt Miller, Robert O’Brien, Olivia Segal, Jillian Werbisky, Samantha Wismer, Emily Wolfe
2017-2021 - Jason Chukwu, Chloe Ciora, Max Dudek, Maggie Durwald, Joseph Kale, Caroline Kulczycky, Emily Lindsay, Maura Shapiro, Christopher Snodgrass, Samir Yellapragada
2016-2020 - Sareen Ali, Grace Brueggman, Isabel Crain, Luisa Cusick, Dolan Edinboro, Brian Gentry, Azad Niroomand, Samuel Ressin, Daly Trimble, Kirsten Wade
2015-2019 - Erin Brind’Amour, Steven Kenny, Madeline Kulp, John Leskovich, Mikaela Matela, Eleanna Melcher, Kaylene Stocking, David Stoyer


David C. Frederick Scholarship

The David C. Frederick Scholarship awards $10,000 to high-achieving students who work a job to pay for their education, so they can reduce their hours to focus on academic pursuits. 

2017-2019 awardees: Sara Minemyer, Sophie Tannenbaum, Linton Taylor
2016-2018 awardees: Sarah Conboy, Mayah El-Dehaibi, Chandler Mitchell


Frederick Public Service Internship Awards

The David C. Frederick Public Service Intership Awards support students during unpaid summer internships at nonprofit organization or government agencies across the United States. 

2018 awardees: Thomas Freitag, Zuri Kent-Smith, Nityam Rathi, Akhil Reddy, Alexandra Rich, Brendan Stautberg
2017 awardees: Katherine Andrews Sarah Dickey David Leftwich Mariel Tabachnick


Merit awards: 

Students do not apply directly for these awards; Pitt Honors selects recipients.

Stewart Achievement Award

The G. Alec Stewart Student Achievement Award recognizes students who embody Pitt Honors' core values of academic achievement, intellectual curiosity and commitment to social good. It honors the College's beloved founding Dean, "Doc" Stewart, whose vision of excellence and inclusion still guides our philosophies. 

2018 awardees: Brittany Chamberlain, Dennis Doyle, Fiona Eichinger, Eleanna Melcher, Chisom Obasih


Dean's Awards

These accolades, which are accompanied by cash awards, recognize outstanding achievement in one or more of Pitt Honors' core values: academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and social consciousness.

2018 awardees: Catherine Crevecoeur, Melana Dayanim, Thomas Dolan, Margaret Farrell, Andin Fosam, Dina Fradkin, Young Sarah Grguras, Raanan Gurewitsch, Austin Hackman, Joshua Hanley, Hashaam Jamil, Naomi Joseph, Joseph Kannarkat, Maura Kay, Gabrielle Kozlowski, Caroline Kulczycky, Parker Landis, Bianca Leonard, Sana Mahmood, Lauren Manning, Jill McDonnell, Emily Messer, Renata Mitchell, Jan Niec, Emma Oaks, Kaitlyn Pendrak, Samuel Ressin, Kaleigh Ruiz, Mariam Shalaby, Madoc Smith, Kaylene Stocking, Cian Stryker, Jeanna Sybert, Daly Trimble, Blake Vuocolo, Stephanie Washington, Peter Zheng


Berner International Corporation Award

This endowment provides tuition assistance or research support for students whose work or research demonstrates unusual creativity, imagination and tolerance.

2018 awardee: Teresa Leatherow


Mary Ellen Callahan Undergraduate Student Research Fund

This fund supports educational expenses and/or stipends for students completing projects in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

2018 awardees: Patrick Healy, Siyuan Ren


Elliot and Lois Finkel Award for Student Research

This endowment supports Pitt Honors student independent research projects in humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences.

2018 awardee: David Stoyer


James V. Kunkel, MD, Pre-Med Translational Research Scholarship

This award provides financial support to undergraduate students who plan to pursue a career in medicine, and want to participate in the HEAL Fellowship.

2018 awardees: Anjana Murali, Kalon Overholt


Laura LaFave & Peter Hallet Award

This endowment supports educational expenses for students studying mathematics or the natural sciences.

2018 awardee: Zac Yu


Charles Lesser Scholarship

The Charles A. Lesser Scholarship provides support to an undergraduate arts and science student at Pitt Honors.

2018 awardees: Hanna Bailey, Noelle Eghbali, Avocet Greenwell, Ilana Udler


Dilva Lombardi Undergraduate Scholarship

This endowment supports an undergraduate scholar based on merit and need, with special consideration given to candidates who share the particular interest in art and culture that characterized Dilva Lombardi.

2018 awardees: Isabella Beebout, Erinn Hanner, Maya Puskaric


Richard A. Lombardi Award

This endowment enables 5th year undergraduate engineering students to pursue a 2nd degree in a non-engineering discipline. Recipients demonstrate a breadth of academic interest.

2018 awardees: Craig Bair, Sara Pike


Molinari Family Endowed Scholarship

This annual award provides tuition support or support for a Pitt Honors student's educational experience “beyond the classroom,”  like study abroad, an internship, or a special research project.

2018 awardee: Caroline Smith


James J. Valentini Endowed Student Resource Award

This endowment funds support for educational expenses for students studying chemistry or physics.

2018 awardees: Claire Chu, Alessandra Larimer-Picciani


Joseph P. Wiegand Family Scholarship

Tuition support for Pitt Honors students in their sophomore, junior, or senior year, with special preference for engineering or music majors.

2018 awardee: David Skrovanek


Bellet Award

Provides financial support for independent, interdisciplinary research projects in the BE Research Fellowship program that cut across traditional academic boundaries.