CREaTE Fellowship (Coming soon!)

The Creative Research Experience and Trans-disciplinary Exploration (CREaTE) Fellowship supports students producing a piece of creative work under the mentorship of a faculty member or experienced graduate student and provides fellows the opportunity to engage with other artists and methods across disciplines. 

CREaTE is a two term fellowship, running from Spring semester - Summer term (January - August). During the spring semester, while working part-time on their individual projects, fellows will enroll in a weekly seminar for a series of interactive workshops in a variety of creative disciplines (e.g. studio art, creative writing, theatre arts, film, music). There will be roughly 3-4 workshops during the semester, each of which will run for approximately 3 weeks. These workshops are intended to foster Fellows’ growth and development as artists and to encourage crossing boundaries of form, medium, and genre.

Following the spring semester, Fellows will use the summer term to work full-time on their creative projects, while having bi-weekly meetings to discuss their work. Fellows will be awarded a stipend for their work over the spring and summer semesters. Work produced during the fellowship will remain property of the artist. 

CREaTE Fellows must be able to attend a weekly student seminar (day and time to be determined). Students will earn credit for the seminar. During the following fall semester, Fellows will be expected to present a finished product at an event featuring their work.

Seminar and Workshops

Day and Time: To Be Determined 

Application Deadline

Monday, November 5th at 5:00PM

Who may apply

Undergraduate students majoring in creative disciplines (studio arts, creative writing, theatre arts, music, and film) who have identified a faculty member or experienced graduate student to work with them during the Fellowship. The fellowship is open to sophomores - seniors (including fifth year students). Students must have completed at least 24 credits, including at least three courses in the primary discipline of their project. Applicants must be registered as a full-time student on the Oakland campus during the spring semester in which the fellowship is awarded and must live in Pittsburgh during the summer term. While we recognize some work may require time outside the city, this time should be limited and should be explained in the applicant’s proposal. If your work requires time outside the city, please speak with Jason Sepac ( before applying. 

Selection Criteria

Projects must be creative. That is, students must produce something as a result of their work during the semester and summer, even if the product is still a work in progress. 

Fellows are selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Their academic record
  • The quality of the proposal
  • The originality and promise of their proposed projects
  • Their interest in participating in creative workshops outside their own discipline
  • A letter of recommendation from your mentor

While a variety of proposals are strongly encouraged, special consideration will be given to projects that are in some way interdisciplinary. 

Proposals should be written in a manner that is generally understandable to a broad, non-expert audience, and therefore use minimal jargon. 

How to apply

In consultation with the sponsoring mentor, the student must submit an application according to the instructions via the link below. All application materials must be received by the date specified above. The UHC will evaluate the proposals, and all applicants will be notified of the decisions within roughly 30 days of the application deadline.

Online application and additional details will be made available at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester.