Global Honors programs

Go where the knowledge is — everywhere! 

Cross cultural boundaries, and travel where you can soak up new perspectives and ideas from everything around you. 

You can explore programs in 75+ destinations in every corner of the world with Pitt Study Abroad. Your options are as vast as the globe: Study, research, intern, or just explore. Stay a week, a semester, or a year. Go to 1 country, or several. Choose coursework that fits your major, or get an immersive introduction to an entirely new skill. 

Honors abroad: Top programs

These specialized programs cater to Honors students' curiosity. They drop you right in the epicenter of key topics so you can explore in-depth, but from a broad variety of angles.  

Pitt Honors: Cambridge

Study natural sciences at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Jesus College Cambridge. You'll get to dive into incredbile depth with rigorous, year-long coursework.

Study Abroad Select – London, Cambridge and Dublin

Pitt's Select abroad programs take top students to some of the best institutions in the United Kingdom to deepen their understanding with specialized curriculum in film, archaeology, and English Literature.

Comparative Justice in Ireland

This 2-week course abroad will take you behind the scenes of the Irish justice system. Meet key representatives from the court, police and correctional systems, and visit historic sites like Spike Island prison island. 

Comparative Economics of Central Europe: Prague, Budapest, Krakow

Spend 3 weeks analyzing post-war Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary from a variety of academic lenses: history, politics, sociology, and economics. Delve into their core industries, labor markets, banking systems and more with not only top Pitt professors, but also academic, political, and economic leaders in each country. 

Culture through Literature in Paris

Study Parisian literature right alongside its rich historic influences. Follow the French texts and tales from the Middle Ages to today, on the page and beyond with visits to renown museums and sites. You'll not only examine the works of famous writers, but also letters, essays, and film that have been shaped with the literary culutre. 

Exploring Art in Italy

Where better to discover the arts than the birthplace of the Renaissance? Marvel at some of the world's most celebrated masterpieces as you learn about the great creative innovators that crafted them. You'll get a taste of the city's conteportary arts, too, from the music to the food to the fashion. Your homebase for the month-long trip will be Florence, but you'll also trek to Rome, Milan, and Pisa.

Food studies in Italy

How do gender, history, geography, sustainability, and the marketplace impact food in Italy? How is it distributed, produced, and consumed? As the you uncover the rich cultural context, get a hands-on taste at local restaurants, farms, markets, and more. Tour a chocolate factory, dine your way through Rome (with stops to savor Umbria and Napoli), and even bring some flavor home with authentic cooking classes. 

Leadership in the Himalayas

After you get a firm background in leadership theories, models, and competencies, hone your own skills (and your personal leadership style) in the breathtaking Indian Himalayas. The month-long excursion includes a 12-day camping hike in the mountains. You'll leave with practical skills like Wilderness First Aid, conflict management, and more. 

Pitt in Washington DC-Brussels: Governance and Policy

Untangle the complex political relations between the U.S. and European Union from both Washington, D.C. and Brussels. Examine historic agreements as well as modern issues like Brexit, refugee crises, trade policies, and rising political movements.