Pitt Honors interns get the chance learn with and from the best, while making a meaningful mark on an organization.

Pittsburgh is a vibrant city, with thriving public service, tech and creative industries just minutes away from your classroom. But Pitt's significant connections can also take you across the country or the world to discover diverse perspectives firsthand. 

Honors Internships & Experience: 

Frederick Public Service Internship

Get funding support yourself through an unpaid internship at a nonprofit or government organization anywhere in the U.S. 
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Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship

Learn by leading other students through the process. Partner with a professor on a Pitt Honors teaching project in a subject you've got experience in.
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ACT Fellowships

Empower a local organization with a research project that helps shed light on a community issue. 
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Experience More Beyond the Classroom

Your Scholarship Mentor can help you identify your best opportunities, from faculty research partnerships to nationally competitive internship placements. Get personal guidance to choose the most advantageous experiences for your career path, and even coaching to strengthen your chances.  

Want your work to make a difference in your community? Connect with a Community Engagement Advisor.

Gain general leadership experience as a Pitt Honors Resident Advisor or SuthStarts Mentor. Contact Parker, our Housing Manager, for details.