Mexico's Talentum Group Visits the UHC's Brackenridge Research Seminar

Pittsburgh, PA, July 12, 2016: Joint Session of the 60 students from Mexico participating in the Talentum Program and the 41 Pitt students participating in the Summer Brackenridge Program.  The photo shows the five student presenters with the coordinators of the programs.  They are (L to R):
Daniela Rubio, Executive Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Program of Education Policy and Practice at CIDE
Dr. Monica Camacho, Talentum Coordinator
Adrienne Newcomer, Summer 2016 Brackenridge Fellow
Rigoberto Ramírez, student from the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de la Sierra Sur, Chiapas
Ishi Mercado, student from the Instituto Tecnológico de Tepic, Nayarit
Dr. Peter Koehler, Brackenridge Program Coordinator, University Honors College
Edith Priego, student from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Puebla
Joshua Hanley, Summer 2016 Brackenridge Fellow.

The UHC’s Brackenridge Research Fellowship Program invited the Talentum Group, an academic program for highly talented college students from Mexico, to participate in one of the Fellowship’s weekly seminars. 

The Talentum Group consisted of 60 students who were selected for that program from a pool of 13,000 applicants from universities thoughout Mexico.  In a sense, they are the Mexican equivalent of our Brackenridge Fellows on a national level.  But instead of each student doing a research project under the mentorship of a faculty mentor, the Talentum students work in teams of four on 15 different aspects of a global theme; for 2016 this theme was "Re-Imagining Mexico in 2050".  The entire group of students met in Mexico City for one week in March and worked virtually with members of their team since then. 

Pittsburgh was chosen as the destination for their 1-week visit to the US just prior to the conclusion of the Program in Mexico City.  Their visit in Pittsburgh was coordinated with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh; the group spent time at Pitt and CMU as well as several local organizations to underscore the connections between advanced research and community renewal.  Last year their US destination was Palo Alto, CA.

At the joint session between the Brackenridge Fellows and the Talentum students, there were 30-minute presentations by two Brackenridge Fellows on their research projects and shorter presentations by representatives of three of the Talentum teams.  After a lively Q&A session following these talks, more informal discussions between these groups of students continued over lunch.