Plan of Study

A good plan of study includes the required courses plus activities such as volunteering, club affiliations, and research. Later in your academic career, you will need to budget time to study for a standardized exam (MCAT, GRE, OAT, DAT) or for travel to a study abroad site.

Your plan of study is very personal and may not resemble that of anyone else pursuing a career in the health professions. There is no one major that ensures acceptance; the “right” major is the one that you enjoy.

You begin by making a wish list of everything you would like to include in your undergraduate career. The list should consist of your major(s), minor(s), certificates, required sciences, internships, fellowships, volunteer experiences, leadership activities, participation in student organizations, employment, and research. Your primary goal is to earn high grades and to demonstrate your commitment both to a health profession and to helping others through practice in a health profession.