Beinecke Scholarship 2018

Characteristics of Potential Beinecke Scholar

  • Major in the arts, humanities, or social sciences
  • Documented history of receiving need-based financial aid during your undergraduate years (you can have a full scholarship to Pitt if you can demonstrate that without the scholarship you would have financial need)
  • Superior scholastic achievement (close to a 3.8 or 3.9 GPA)
  • Scholarly research experience
  • Intent to pursue a master’s degree or PhD in the arts, humanities, or social sciences
  • Extremely competitive (Pitt can only nominate 1 student per year, and up to 20 Beinecke Scholarships are awarded nationally per year)

October through January 13

  • Thoroughly read Beinecke website:
  • Schedule a minimum of 3 advising appointments with Lesha Greene to discuss drafts of your application before January 8 campus deadline.
  • Complete the financial data sheet with someone from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.
  • Seek appropriate letter writers who can speak to your intellectual ability, scholastic achievement, and personal promise.
    • Discuss your choice of letter writers with Lesha ASAP.
    • Get a commitment from 3 recommendation writers.
    • Prepare recommendation packets (follow instructions on National Scholarships website): See more information here.
    • Give 3 recommendation writers a SOLID draft of your application BEFORE THEY COMPLETE THEIR LETTERS.

January 13, 2019 - First Campus Deadline

  • Email your completed Beinecke application (personal statement, unofficial transcripts, completed financial data sheet, and resume or CV) to Lesha Greene,
  • Faculty should EMAIL an attachment of their LORs to Lesha Greene,

Mid-late January

  • Campus committee meets to select 1 Pitt nominee. 
  • Campus selection committee feedback is given to the nominee. The nominee continues to work on application until final campus deadline. 

February 8, 2019 - Final Campus Deadline  

  • Submit a hard copy of your final Beinecke application (personal statement, official transcripts, completed financial data sheet, and resume or CV) to the National Scholarships Office.
  • Faculty should deliver hard copies of their LORs to the National Scholarships Office.