Pitt Political Review

Driven by the ambitious vision and initiative of undergraduates, the University Honors College (UHC) added a new magazine to its publications in April 2005. Its creators sought to publish an undergraduate magazine committed to a serious discourse on politics and policy but not beholden to a partisan point of view. Hoping to avoid a narrow focus of opinion, they sought submissions that provided discussion of issues—even complex issues—like those published at other colleges and universities.

Another goal was to prevent the magazine from becoming a preserve of political science students. UHC’s wide reach allowed it to attract student writers from a variety of majors and disciplines, including students from the politics and philosophy major.

Contributions have ranged from a firsthand account of the effects of the No Child Left Behind Act in a Native American community in New Mexico, to a piece on the effect of international law on American jurisprudence, and on again to an interview with Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. With the addition of Pitt Political Review, UHC’s four publications cover a lot of ground.

For more information: pittpoliticalreview@gmail.com