Programming Grants

UHC Programming Grants support undergraduate Pitt students, who are honors eligible, to initiate academic programming that explores their interests and intellectual curiosities. Programs should: build community, celebrate cultural and academic diversity, provide an academic learning experience, show creativity and innovation, be accessible to all undergraduate Pitt students, and are coordinated with the values and missions of the University of Pittsburgh and University Honors College.


All undergraduate honors-eligible students, individuals or groups, are eligible to apply for funding through the Programming Grant. Student clubs or groups that receive funding through the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) are not eligible to apply.

Types of Academically-Based Programs

The UHC will fund two types of programming: one-time events and sustainable initiatives or groups. One-time events and sustainable initiatives or groups are events that are not being duplicated by other campus departments but there is student interest.

Examples of one-time events include:

  • Attending a lecture, panel discussion, theater, or cultural event, and discussing the event with an expert or faculty member over coffee.
  • Hosting a cultural, art, STEM-related, event with an academic component.

Examples of sustainable initiatives or groups are:

  • Initiatives that are not currently being held on campus but are important to community and campus culture.
  • Groups that focus on a specific topic and meet regularly to discuss related readings, books, films, and/or articles.

Evaluation Criteria

Both of these programs will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Academic value: Programs should enhance a students’ education, ignite passions and interests, or help students consider issues or topics more deeply. These programs, although social, should enrich students’ educational experiences at Pitt. Programs without academic value will not be funded.
  • Timeline: Application must be submitted at least 10 weeks before the event
  • Accessibility: Programs should be accessible to all undergraduates at Pitt
  • Inclusion: Students from diverse backgrounds must be invited and welcomed
  • Proposal and application demonstrates rationale, organization, and meets all requirements
  • Promotional Plan: How will the event be promoted on campus to undergraduate students and will the program garner an audience?
  • Programming Grant Mission: The program should align with the values and missions of the Programming Grant, University of Pittsburgh, and University Honors College.
  • Outcomes and Benefits: What is the impact that the program will have on Pitt undergraduates?
  • Evaluation: How will the program be evaluated post-event or during the final weeks of a semester?


The process to apply for a programming grant is:

1. Review the policies and guidelines.

2. Complete the application – including proposal and budget.

3. Decisions will be made within 2 weeks of the application’s submittal. The UHC Business Manager and Dean will have final approval and veto power.

If Approved:

4. Pre-event meeting(s): Meeting will be used to discuss anything that is needed from administration, event adjustments, and final budgets. During this meeting, students and Lauren will go over policies and guidelines. Students will sign an agreement that they have accepted the funding and will follow through with all requirements.

5. Post-event meeting: This meeting must be scheduled within 30 days of the date of event or after the last student group meeting. Complete the program evaluation form and be prepared to discuss it with Lauren. Evaluation form must be e-mailed to Lauren at least 3 days before the scheduled meeting.

Required Guidelines and Forms

Policies and Guidelines
Application Form
Budget Planning Worksheet
Event Evaluation Form

Questions regarding the approval process, application process, or submission of forms may be directed to:

Lauren DelSignore
University Honors College
University of Pittsburgh
3600 Cathedral of Learning
Phone: 412-624-6880
Fax: 412-624-6885