Honors Housing Orientation

Come discover what we're all about!

At orientation, you’ll learn about all the resources, helpful staff members, and requirements that make up the Honors College and start on your own personalized Honors plan. Interesting courses, funding for independent projects, hands-on field studies — there's plenty you can explore, and you'll get to choose what's most interesting to you. The earlier you dive into Honors opportunities, the better! It will set you up for scholarships and more unique options as an upperclass student.

More details about the Fall 2021 orientation will be sent out after students are accepted.

Can't join us? 

We strongly recommend that you participate in this shared Honors experience and are introduced to the resources, staff, and students you’ll be working with during your time at Pitt. If you have other required events/programs during orientation, please try to take part in as much of the Honors Orientation as your schedule allows.