Honors Housing Orientation

Welcome to the Pitt Honors community!  

Honors Orientation

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Come discover what we're all about! You'll get the chance to meet your hallmates and explore the University. We'll even head off campus to explore the city a little. 

Most importantly, you will learn about all the resources, helpful staff members, and requirements that make up the Honors College and start on your own personalized Honors plan. Interesting courses, funding for independent projects, hands-on field studies — there's plenty you can explore, and you'll get to choose what's most interesting to you. The earlier you dive into Honors opportunities, the better! It will set you up for scholarships and more unique options as an upperclass student.

Sutherland Move-In

Honors students, regardless of where they’re living on campus, move into their residence halls on Monday, August 17. This will have you ready to go for our Honors orientation on Tuesday as well as the rest of Pitt's Welcome Week, too. During move-in, you and your family can chat with the Honors College staff in Sutherland Hall if you have any questions. We'll have some refreshments, too! 

That evening, you and the other students will have the chance to get to know each other. Stay tuned for details.   

Honors College Orientation Leaders

Orientation is made possible by our Orientation Leaders, a group of upperclass students that help make your transition onto campus as smooth as possible.

Your Orientation Leaders will reach out before you even get here so you can chat and ask questions over the summer. During orientation, they'll lead some group activities, including your off-campus trip.

Can't join us?  

We strongly recommend that you participate in this shared Honors experience and are introduced to the resources, staff, and students you’ll be working with during your time at Pitt. If you have other required events/programs during orientation, please try to take part in as much of the Honors Orientation as your schedule allows.