Upperclassmen Honors Housing Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What if I am applying to be a Resident Assistant?

A: You can still apply for Upperclass Honors Housing. You have two options. You can either apply with roommates who are flexible about having a single applicant placed with them if you are selected as an RA or apply as an individual and you will take part in a roommate selection process with others applying as singles. If you are selected as an RA we will fill your space with another applicant.

Q: Do suite/apartment mates have to be of the same gender?

A: Yes. At this time, we do not offer gender-neutral housing options within Honors Housing.

Q: If I previously haven’t lived in Honors Housing, am I still eligible to apply for Upperclass Honors Housing?

A: Although students currently in Honors Housing have an advantage in the process, any student is eligible to apply regardless of where they live on campus. Roughly 1/3 of students currently in Upperclass Honors Housing did not live in Honors Housing prior to this year.

Q: Can I apply on my own to Upperclass Honors Housing or do I need suite/apartment mates?

A: Yes, you are more than welcome to apply as an individual! You will be randomly assigned roommates within the LLC. You will be able to select your bed space based on your Housing lottery number regardless of if you're in a roommate group or not.

Q: What are the differences between Brackenridge and Forbes-Craig?

A: Forbes Craig is a University-owned apartment building at the corner of Forbes Avenue and Craig Street; apartments are furnished, house two or three students and have a living room, bathroom, and kitchen as well as a commons room on the ground floor. Forbes Craig is more independent living (staffed by a Housefellow) in an on-campus setting. It is a more blended community of sophomores and juniors. Brackenridge Hall is located on the quad on lower campus and is a more traditional residence life experience with Resident Assistants within the community. Brackenridge has three, four, and five person suites that all have private bathrooms and common spaces. It is a more heavily sophomore community.

Q: What kinds of accommodations are available in each? Can I get a single room?

A: Forbes Craig has two and three person apartments. The two-person apartments share a double room. The building features two types of three person apartments: ones with three single rooms and ones with a single room and a double room. You cannot preference getting a single room in your application, as that will be determined via the room selection event and through negotiations with your suitemates. Brackenridge Hall is comprised of three, four, and five-person suites. The three-person suites have a single and double room, the four-person suites have two double rooms, and the five-person suites have a double and a triple room.

Q: If I apply to Upperclass Honors Housing and don’t get in, what happens?

A: The application deadline is Saturday, February 1st at 11:59pm on. It is early so that we can make our decisions before the regular housing lottery process. Students will be notified if they received a space by early February which gives you time to still participate in the General Housing selection if you do not receive a space in Honors Housing. You can also be placed on a wait list for Honors Housing if you wish. If you previously completed a Suite/Apartment Application in addition to the Honors application and are turned down from Honors, you can also participate in that process. Please note that if you are accepted into Honors Housing and turn down the offer, you WILL NOT be able to take part in the Suite/Apartment selection process (only the General Housing selection process).

Q: What if I only want to live in Irvis or Brackenridge, but not in the other building?

A: You can indicate that preference in the rankings section of the application. However, we encourage you to consider both buildings as we always have to turn people away and if you want to be part of an Honors LLC, giving us options for placing you is beneficial.

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