Meet the Forbes Craig Housemaster

The 2017-2018 academic year is Akhil's first as the Forbes-Craig Housefellow. He will be a senior this year at the University of Pittsburgh and graduate in April of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science and Engineering (BScE) in Bioeningeering, a Minor in Economics, and a Product Realization certificate.  

Akhil's involvement in the Honors College began in the fall of 2014, when he was a first-year student living in Sutherland Hall West as a member of the First Year Honors Living Learning Community. Outside of the classroom, Akhil became very involved on campus and in the Pittsburgh community. He spent two years as a Resident Assistant at Pitt and was an UHC RA last year in Sutherland West, the same building where he started at Pitt. He also become passionate about entrepreneurship and started a company that helps new college students acclimate and succeed in their new environment. Akhil's positive experience with the Honors College combined with his passion for residence life inspired him to continue his involvement in both departments by serving as the Forbes-Craig Housefellow for the 2017-2018 year.

As Housefellow, Akhil resides in Forbes-Craig and serves as a resource, mentor, and friend to the students in the Forbes-Craig community. He organizes and facilitates value-added programs that are linked to the University Honors College and promotes social interaction between residents. Akhil also assists students by answering questions regarding the University Honors College, communicates campus initiatives to Forbes-Craig residents, and serves as a resource and guide for the Forbes-Craig community. One responsibility that Akhil is looking forward to is planning the annual Honors College Thanksgiving Dinner along with a committee of students. Akhil is excited for a wonderful year in Forbes-Craig!

In his free time, Akhil loves running and reading and is actively working on a means that will allow him to both simultaneously. While he is a New Yorker at heart, he has come to love the city of Pittsburgh and it’s small yet strong and tight community. He is most passionate about working with younger students and helping them find their passion. His favorite thing about Pitt is how willing everyone is to help you succeed. “Pitt is a campus that’s not only filled with opportunities but also filled with people who will help you find them” he says. “Everything you need to help you reach your goals is all within walking distance of the Cathedral.”


BScE (Bioengineering), University of Pittsburgh