Honors College for Veterans

Veterans have specific advantages when applying for scholarships and fellowships. At the Honors College, we have our own veteran, Josh Cannon (USMC '00-05), who can help you figure out what scholarships to apply for, how to do it, and how to do it well. Make an appointment with Josh or email him to learn more.

Federally Funded Scholarships with Veteran Preference

These scholarships are open to undergraduate students and are designed to help you travel, do research, learn new skills (such as a new language), or pay for graduate school.

Gilman Scholarship - pays for a study abroad program (with bonus money if there is a langauge component).

Boren Scholarship - pays for a study abroad program which is language focused. 

Critical Language Scholarship - a summer language immersion course in a foreign country

Fulbright Scholarship - pays for a 1 year program overseas to either do research, get a masters degree, or teach English

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship - pays for up to 3 years of graduate school and pays a salary while in graduate school