Two students walking together down the staircase in the Honors College

The University of Pittsburgh established the University Honors College in 1986 to meet the special academic and co-curricular needs of capable and motivated undergraduate students. Building upon the achievements of the University Honors Program, begun in 1978, the Honors College provides increased opportunity, incentives, and recognition for high attainment by students.

Honors College Dean Brian Primack

Welcome from the Dean

Read what Dean Brian Primack has to say about the Honors College and the many reasons it might be the ideal fit for you. 

Mission, Values, and Vision

The mission of the Honors College is to meet the academic and extracurricular needs of the University of Pittsburgh's most able, ambitious, and inquisitive undergraduate students by providing intellectual challenges, inspiring individual effort, encouraging independent thinking and self-discovery, and fostering a nurturing community.

Student Ambassadors

Honors College Student Ambassadors are juniors and seniors who participate actively in the Honors College and are chosen to promote honors opportunities to the general University community through informal conversations and formal announcements in freshman seminars, special student events, and within the residence halls.

Prospective Students

The Honors College provides numerous opportunities and resources to all interested, motivated, and able students at the University of Pittsburgh.

Faculty Fellows

Honors College Faculty Fellows are faculty members who have made substantial contributions to the Honors College.

Board of Visitors

The Honors College Board of Visitors provide candid, comprehensive, and informed reactions to the College’s educational objectives and programs and to provide insight and guidance in the College’s strategic planning process.

G. Alec Stewart Student Achievement Awards

The G. Alec Stewart Student Achievement Awards recognize students in their junior year who are judged to best symbolize the values of the Honors College and of the University generally.