About Pitt Honors

Craft Your Education Around Your Curiosity. 

Pitt Honors is a community of creative thinking and self-discovery.

Our innovative programs cross academic boundaries, and give you room to explore your unique interests, whether they fit into the regular academic box or not. You'll get all the connections and opportunities of a big-city major research university — plus personal mentorship to help you make the most of it all. 

Pitt Honors Core Values: 

Academic Achievement

Pitt Honors students like a good challenge. They thrive in their unique interests, but they're always driven to do their best. 

Intellectual Curiosity

Pitt Honors students are inspired by learning. They explore fields outside their focus, and bring together insights from unlikely places. 

Working for the Public Good

Pitt Honors students use their talents to better their communities, not just themselves. They define success through a thoughtful, human lens. 

Student Benefits 

Get the freedom to define your own success, and the support to shoot for it.
Honors students get: 

  • Priority for our unique coursesfellowships and awards

  • Priority course registration*

  • Personal mentoring to help you find the best opportunities.

  • A fun community with regular events, chances to explore the city, and more.  

  • Flexible ways to earn formal recognition for your Honors achievements. 

  • Guaranteed placement in the Honors housing community.


*Priority course registration will begin in spring 2020, for first-year students only