National scholarship advising

Get coaching and support to earn prestigious accolades! 

Pitt has a strong history of top international award winners. The University's expert Scholarship Mentors will coach you and help you craft competitive applications.

You don't have to be an Honors student to compete, or to get help with your applications! But you do have to start early — several awards require you to get official endorsment from the University of Pittsburgh, so you have to meet the campus deadlines before the national deadlines. (Your Scholarship Mentor will walk you through it!)

Meet with a mentor: Schedule a 1-on-1 appointment on Pitt Pathways with Lesha Greene, Josh Cannon, Dave Fraser, or Aidan Beatty. 

Top scholarships: 

Beinecke Scholarship

$30,000 for graduate school in the arts, humanities, and social sciences for juniors. Candidates must demonstrate financial need and exceptional academic promise. 

Boren Awards for International Study

Up to $20,000/year for summer, semester, and year-long immersive study abroad, focused on languages critical to US national security. Requires a one-year federal government service commitment after graduation. US citizenship is required. 

Churchill (Winston) Foundation Scholarship

Funding for 1 year of STEM graduate study/research at the University of Cambridge, including living expenses and travel allowances. Based on academic achievement, proven skills in research, and talent outside of academic pursuits.

DAAD Graduate Opportunities

For graduate study or research in Germany in all fields. German language proficiency not required. U.S. citizenship is NOT required. 

Fulbright Scholarships

Research, study, or teach English abroad in 160+ countires. For seniors, graduate students and alumni. US citizenship is required. 

Goldwater (Barry M.) Scholarship

$7500 awarded to sophomores and juniors who demonstrate excellent potential for research in the STEM fields. Open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars

For graduate study at Stanford. You must have received your undergdaduate degree after 2004. International students can apply. Awards are granted based on independence of thought, purposeful leadership, and a civic mindset.

Marshall Scholarship

For post-baccalaureate study in the United Kingdom, in a variety of disciplines. Marshall Scholars are future leaders who will strengthen the relationship between the Britain and America. Graduating seniors and recent graduates can apply up to 3 years after receiving their first undergraduate degree. US citizenship is required.

Mitchell (George J.) Scholarship

Funds post-baccalaureate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland in a variety of disciplines. Candidates younger than 30 with a record of leadership and a commitment to public service can apply. 

Rhodes Scholarship

For post-baccalaureate study at Oxford University. The Rhodes is the most celebrated international scholarship. Rhodes Scholars are chosen for their outstanding scholarly achievements, character, commitment to the common good, and potential for leadership in their fields. Graduating seniors and recent graduates younger than 24 can apply. 

Schwarzman Scholars

Global leadership master's program in Beijing, China. Students can focus on Public Policy, International Relations, or Economics and Business. U.S. citizenship is NOT required.

Truman (Harry S.) Scholarship

Up to $30,000 for graduate study for juniors who demonstrate promising academic potential, outstanding leadership, and a commitment to the public sector. 

Udall Scholarship

$7,000 to sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated a commitment to environmental issues. Native American or Alaskan native students are also eligible for fields related to tribal health care or tribal policy.


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