The foremost concern of the University Honors College is academic attainment. In particular, the honors college believes that education for the highly able undergraduate student should combine incentives and recognition from achievement with special opportunities for intellectual challenge. Overall, UHC seeks to integrate high academic standards from faculty with correspondingly high expectations for academic initiative by students.


Courses are an important component of the University Honors College (UHC) experience. Professors challenge students to reach their potential.


UHC provides students the opportunity to conduct research in a variety of subjects with the help of scholarships, fellowships, and faculty support. 

BPhil Degree

The Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) degree is a unique undergraduate degree jointly awarded by UHC and any undergraduate school/college at Pitt.

Politics & Philosophy Major

The politics and philosophy major provides students with interdisciplinary training in the various fields of public policy.

Supplemental Advising

UHC advisors complement the role of your formal advisor by helping you develop a comprehensive plan of studies for your undergraduate education.

UHC Scholar Transcript Designation

The UHC Scholar designation recognizes Pitt students who exemplify the UHC’s core values of attainment, intellectual curiosity, and social consciousness.

Wyoming Field Studies

Students are given the opportunity to unlock a natural time capsule, one teeming with remnants of life that date back 150 million years.

Yellowstone Field Study

Geological, ecological, and cultural dimensions of Yellowstone and its environs make this 30-day course an incomparable educational experience.