Udall Scholarship

$7,000 for sophomores and juniors 

*There is still time to apply for the Udall Scholarship for 2020. Finall applications are due March 1, and we can still nominate additional candidates.*

Characteristics of a Potential Udall Scholar

  • College sophomore or junior.
  • Working towards solutions to environmental challenges or issues impacting Native American nations.
  • Committed to one of these areas through public service.
  • Inspires and motivates others to take action.
  • Committed to making a difference through civility and consensus building.

Contact: Josh Cannon, Scholar Mentor, JWC70@pitt.edu

Now through February 8: 

  • Thoroughly read Udall Web site: http://www.udall.gov/ourprograms/scholarship/scholarship.aspx
  • Notify Scholar Mentor Josh Cannon with your intent to apply ASAP – HE MUST ENTER YOU IN THE UDALL ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM for you to begin your application.
  • Send for Pitt transcripts (can be unofficial) and original transcripts of any college-level study outside of Pitt.
  • Schedule a minimum of three advising appointments with Scholar Mentor Josh Cannon to discuss drafts of your application before February 9 campus deadline.
  • Begin research for essay on Morris or Stewart Udall speech, legislative act, book, or public policy statement. You can only choose one, and that should be the one that best speaks to your heart, work, thoughts, and beliefs. That doesn't mean you have to agree with it!
  • Seek appropriate letter writers who can speak to your academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to environmental causes or Native American issues.
    • Discuss your choice of letter writers with Josh ASAP.
    • Get a commitment from 3 recommendation writers.
    • Prepare recommendation packets (follow instructions on National Scholarships website).
    • Give 3 recommendation writers a SOLID draft of your application BEFORE THEY COMPLETE THEIR LETTERS.

February 2020 (first campus deadline):

  • Submit your completed Udall application online.
  • Permanent residents should provide copy of permanent residence card with intent to become a U.S. citizen.
  • Faculty should e-mail an attachment of their LORs to Josh Cannon.


  • Campus committee meets to select 8 nominees. 
  • Campus selection committee feedback is given to nominees. Nominees continue to work on applications until final campus deadline. 

March 2020 (final campus deadline for nominees):

  • ​Submit final Udall application online

April 2020 Udall Foundation e-mails notifications to all applicants

April 2020

  • Deadline for Udall Foundation receipt of Scholar Award Reply form 

May 2020

  • Scholar posting 

August 2020

  • Udall Scholar Orientation, Tucson, Ariz.