Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Teach, research, OR study abroad! Pitt is a top producer of Fulbright winners, so work with a seasoned Scholar-Mentor to improve your application.

  • The Office of National Scholarships is offering a Canvas Fulbright resource page for Pitt undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent alumni. In order to access the resource page and to sign up for any writing workshops, please complete the form here: Resource request form

  • For more information about the Fulbright, watch our information session here! (my.pitt.edu required to view info session.)

  • Ready to start an application? Contact Lesha Greene at LEG78@pitt.eduThe campus deadline is Aug. 21, 2022.

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Things to Do Now

  • Begin an application and register as a Pitt Main Campus applicant
  • Thoroughly read Fulbright’s website
  • Attend a virtual info session. 
  • Look at some of the Fulbright tutorials
  • Carefully consider the profiles of countries
  • Research country; keep up with current events in the country
  • Undergraduate and graduate students: Schedule a meeting with Scholarship Mentor, Lesha Greene to discuss your application
  • Consider potential recommendation writers and discuss with a Scholarship Mentor
  • Put together a support team of faculty experts in your country and  project area, such as advisors in UCIS, ELI, and relevant Pitt departments
  • Look for opportunities to strengthen your candidacy, e.g. become a volunteer ELI instructor
  • Begin networking for affiliates (research and study grants only)
  • Read examples of winning Fulbright essays at the Pitt Honors office (Drop-ins welcome!)

April to August

  • Send recommendation packet to your referees no later than mid -July.
  • Send for all university/college transcripts (unofficial is okay), both in the United States and abroad
  • Secure your affiliation letter (if needed)
  • Sign up for a personal statement writing or statement of grant purpose workshop (must be willing to commit for the entire period) 
  • Meet with a national scholarships advisor at least three times to review drafts of your essays
  • Meet with your support team to discuss your essays
  • Schedule and complete your language evaluation (if needed)
  • Complete your online Fulbright application, including uploading transcripts, affiliation letter, and any other supplemental materials; print out and show to national scholarships advisor
  • *We will be in touch by the end of August to tell you when during the 1st or 2nd week of September your interview will be held. Please note that we need to accommodate our committee members' schedules, so you may have to miss class or ask off of work if they conflict with your interview. If you have any inflexible commitments during this week, you must let the National Scholarships Office know well in advance.


  • Campus Deadline (Aug. 21, 2022): Submit your complete application through Fulbright’s application system; the application goes to the National Scholarships office, not to the Fulbright office.

Early September:

  • Campus interviews


  • Final Campus Deadline: Submit your final application through Fulbright’s Embark system.