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2018 fall courses (Term designation 2191)

Full list updated: August 24, 2018

Department and Course Number Class Name Instructor Syllabus and/or Additional Information (if available)
ASTRON 0413 Honors Introduction to Astronomy Rachel Bezanson  
BIOSC 0715 UHC Foundations of Biology 1 Zuzana Swigonova  
BIOSC 1070 Human Physiology - UHC (cross-listed with NROSCI 1070) Bill Yates  
BUSENV 1706 Market Manipulations: Crises, Bubbles, Robber Barons, and Corporate Saints Barry Mitnick  
BUSMKT 1041 Introduction to Marketing Honors +1 Kiersten Maryott  
BUSORG 1021 Organizational Behavior Honors +1 Raymond Jones  
BUSSPP 0021 Managing in Complex Environments Honros +1 Robert Atkin  
CHEM 0710 UHC General Chemistry 1 Eugene Wagner Flyer
CHEM 0730 UHC Organic Chemistry 1 William Horne  
CHEM 0760 UHC General Chemistry for Engineers 1 Eugene Wagner Flyer
ECON 0110 Introduction to Macroeconomic Theory James Maloy  
ECON 1905 Special Topics: Economics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Timofiy Mylovanov  
ENGLIT 0612 Literature and Science Jeffrey Aziz Flyer
ENGLIT 0699 Literature and Science Lab Jason Dechant Flyer
ENGR 0501 Music Engineering Laboratory George Stetten  
ENGR 0711 Honors Engineering Analysis and Engineering Computing Mahender Mandala  
HIST 1083 History of Sports Robert Ruck  
HIST 1191 English Origins of American Law Janelle Greenberg  
HIST 1725 Disease and Health in Modern Africa Mari Webel  
HONORS 0080 Brackenridge Research Seminar: Summer Brackenridge Research Fellowship Jason Sepac Website
HONORS 0081 Honors College-Health Sciences (HCHS) Research Seminar: Summer HCHS Research Fellowship Teresa Hastings Website
HONORS 0082 Seminar in Conducting Research: Fall/Spring Brackenridge Research Fellowship Jason Sepac Website
HONORS 0083 Seminar in Community-Based Research Holly Hickling Website
HONORS 1010 Special Topics Seminar: Elsie Hillman Honors Scholars Program Meredith Mavero Website
HONORS 1010 Special Topics Seminar: Sustainable Agriculture Ward Allebach  
HONORS 1510 Special Topics: Pediatrics: Bench to Bedside Sunder Sims-Lucas and Brighid O'Donnell  
HONORS 1510 Special Topics: Lawyers in American Society Bernard Hibbitts Tentative Syllabus
HONORS 1905 BPhil Thesis Research David Hornyak Website
HRS 1706 Introduction to Rehabilitation Engineering Designs Garrett Grindle, Jonathan Pearlman, and Mary Goldberg  
MATH 0235 Honors 1 - Variable Calculus Christopher Lennard  
MATH 1185 Honors Linear Algebra Anna Vainchtein  
NROSCI 0083 UHC Brain and Behavior Edward Stricker  
NROSCI 1013 Functional Neuroanatomy (UHC) Susan Sesack  
NROSCI 1070 Human Physiology - UHC (cross-listed with BIOSC 1070) Bill Yates  
NROSCI 1111 Functional Neuroanatomy Honors Practice Erika Fanselow  
NUR 1142 Professional Issues in Adavanced Practice Nursing: Nurse Anesthesia Richard Henker  
NUR 1143 Foundations of Personalized Health: Translation from Basic Research to Clinical Practice Cecelia Yates  
PHYS 0475 Introduction to Physics for Science and Engineering 1 William Wood-Vasey  
PHYS 0520 Modern Physical Measurements Gurudev Dutt  
PSY 0105 Introduction to Social Psychology Edward Orehek  
PSY 0310 Developmental Psychology Celia Brownell  
PSY 1135 Social Perception and Cognition Edward Orehek  
SOCWRK 1000 Introduction to Social Work Elizabeth Mulvaney  
SOCWRK 1020 Introduction to Social Work Research Catherine Greeno  
SOCWRK 1079 Child Welfare Services Cynthia Bradley-King  
STAT 1000 Applied Statistical Methods Ruth Mihalyi  


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