Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) degree

The highest level of undergraduate of scholarship.

Only offered at a few universities, the BPhil gives your bachelor's the rigor and distinction of a master's-level degree. You can delve deeply into any topic related to your major. 

You will add a research thesis to your regular course of study. You'll get the opportunity to defend your work before a committee of leaders in your field. We'll even fly in a prominent external examiner who's at the forefront of your topic. It's a rigorous process, but you'll have dedicated mentors to guide you along the way through feedback and revisions. 

Completing the BPhil gives you a highly regarded credential for your resume, and a competitive advantage on applications. Only a few colleges in the nation offer a prestigious BPhil, which is a model borrowed from Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. The BPhil is a higher distinction that replaces your standard BA or BS degree.* It stands for Bachelor's of Philosophy, and you can earn it in any major (much like you earn a PhD Doctorate of Philosophy in any subject.) It's jointly awarded by Pitt Honors and your undergraduate school/college. 

Is the BPhil right for me?

Before beginning the BPhil degree, review the requirements. To get a sense of the depth of study, you can also read the research from recent BPhil graduates

Thesis defense and graduation procedures

Follow the BPhil defense and graduation procedures guide as you plan your thesis defense and graduation.


Students might consider an International and Area Studies Dual Major, which requires a BPhil. 

Faculty information: A guide for thesis advisors 

*Because some professional fields emphasize a standard BA or BS, schools in those fields may award a jointly-conferred BS or BA, or give you an option.